Survival Horror Re-defined

Fear, combat, exploration, and item management: these are the four staples of any survival horror game, The One We Found captures this genre and redefines it into an immersive experience.

Feel terrified as you immerse yourself in the world of whisperwood mental institution, Made with the Unity Engine this game is sure not to disappoint.



You are James Ledgewick a psychotherapist in whisperwood mental institution.Recently a un-earthed cave network has not only revealed dark secrets but a terrible evil with it.You must uncover the secrets that whisperwood now holds.

Will you find it before it finds you?

3 (4)

Unity Engine

Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Unity is used to build high-quality 3D games. We have harnessed the power of Unity to create a living breathing world in which you can become fully immersed.The One We Found Is not a videogame, Its an experience.

4 (3)

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