Devlog 4 – AI Block Cut

Over recent weeks we have been battling our A.I system for The One We Found, We originally planned to have a procedurally generated animation system which would make use of root motion and ragdoll physics. Unfortunately, this system was flawed and we have battled with it from…

Devlog 3 -Fear Frequency

During recent weeks we have been doing some astounding research into what makes something truly scary ,Our studies have lead us to a phenomenon which is reportedly the #1 reason for paranormal sightings in the world,This phenomenon is known as the “Fear Frequency “,The key here…



Hello and thank you for reading our first dev log, This week has been a great week in the development of The One We found, We are currently working with BOIDS to add more ambiance to various scenes.We also added a fully customizable turret A.I…

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